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    Good food makes any social event merrier. Food is a passion that is delicious to share!

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    Middle eastern food our chef learned to cook in Jordan



    Catering for big and small events at Moulin de la Cailletière.

    Brunch at Moulin de Planchette

    Table d'hôte & Pop-up café


    Table d'hôte & brunches at Moulin de la Cailletière

    Cooking fresh canneloni with leftovers

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    Food at events and events about food, focus on sustainability and creativity.

  • Creativity & Conscious eating



    Food can be art and cooking a way to express creativity. Our inspiration stems from local ingredients and travels around the world. Our speciality is mediterranean cuisine but we are also eager to explore new flavour combinations and more exotic dishes.


    At Fragile(s) kitchen, food is not only about the taste but also about trying to be conscious of the impacts of our daily food choices. Since we eat everyday and even several times, it's good to sometimes stop to think about the social, physical, ethical, environmental and sometimes even economical sides of what we put in our mouths.


    Although it is the contrary that should be mentioned while this being the standard: we cook with local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. We produce ourselves in permacultures. Some special ingredients such as cheeses and olive oil come from further. We are looking for direct providers for these products.




    What we are eating


    For the season we are hoping to get a nice yield from our own permaculture. Anyhow, for the things we are yet not able to grow ourselves, we would like to give credit to our local providers. At the moment we are working with :




    la Ferme-marché de Guichardière (Dollon) for vegetables

    la Ferme du Grand Bricoin (Thorigné) for dairy

    la Pis qui Chante (Sarthe) for cheese

    la ferme Brouard (Dollon) for eggs

    Perche de la Perronnerie (Perche) for flour

    les Boulangeries du Luart et Lamnay for bread

    Piculia for olive oil






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