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The very first blogpost

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I have never written a blogpost in my life. I guess the first posts are always a bit awkward. After all, nobody is never going to read them anyway except maybe your best friend and mum of course.

Smartly enough though, I imagine that the ideal first blogpost is about the idea of the whole blog. In our case this means making clear the whats and whys about the association the blog is being runned by.

We thought that a blog could come in handy as a tool for sharing our projects and musing about their essence. Until now, we have just tried to make things happen: we have spent hours on renovating, brainstorming and getting things forward.

Now coming to the point where we should seriously start communicating about our project to the world, it turns out that one of the biggest challenges is to explain what we are actually doing. Everything is yet quite new and to be frank, we don't have the faintest idea of where all this is going to go. People will give the shape to our project that until now has yet to be really started. (Yes, it is kind of difficult to tell what we do, since we haven't really done anything yet but also we can not really do anything without starting without doing anything. Where was I again?)

After congratulating myself about this grand opening, I think it's better to recap how we got here.

It all started when we met with Paul while traveling in Greece in November 2018. Or well in a way it had already started before with a volunteer-based music festival called Fragile(s). Obviously, I had no clue about the festival by that time, so from my point of view (because that is what you're reading here sorry Paul) it started then.

Paul & Iéna, the founding member of Fragile(s) association in fron of a caravan.

Little did we know that I would come to visit Paul in France the following spring. When I did, he came up with the excellent idea of offering me to help in organizing the second edition of Festival Fragile(s).

Sooner or later we were bound to exchange ideas about the projects we would have like to do but couldn't realize on our own. We were both aspiring after an open, multipurpose place with sustainable values, Paul strong with music and theater, me interested in writing, fine arts and dancing although spending most of my time in the kitchen. Inevitably we asked ourselves, why not put it all up together? Before I knew it, after Festival Fragile(s) 2019, I packed my packs and moved from Finland to France and the whole process of creating an association started idly developing to the point where it is now (the 2nd official day of existence of Fragile(s) association, yay!).

Festival Fragile(s) 2019 poster

After the festival the next remarkable step was starting to offer catering services for the pleasure of sharing good food with people, which is how Fragile(s) Kitchen was born. Around that time, we also came across an ancient mill which was perfect for our vision of an alternative eco guesthouse that would work as a platform for cultural and educational projects and sustainable explorations. Soon coming more posts about the Planchette - project and the adventurous renovations of the moulin in question.

The association was thus born from combining already existing projects, dreams and ideas. We decided to try to find a way to do the things that we want to do, share them with people and also facilitate other people to share what they want to do.

The better word here is probably passion. We use this media-sexy word on our frontpage though we feel that it's somewhat too pompous a word for us. When we discussed how to communicate about what we do, we thought that the only way is to be honest; no frills, no high expectations, no pressure - so good.

International volunteer team of Festival Fragile(s) 2019

Now that I come to think of it, the project is a bit like a baby. No good ever came out of putting too much expectations on a baby. As parents of some sort, we're curious, excited and anxious to see what it will turn out to be. We have no profit making in our mind with the baby (as one could reasonably expect). Rather we hope to see it evolve and grow to support itself and to be able to flourish and collect assets to invest in itself.

Before getting excessively poetic (it is difficult to write about the birth of the ba... association without getting a bit sentimental) I must mention that we are so and very happy for the support and great collaborations established so far. We are looking forward to seeing how the first steps of Fragile(s) association will be like.


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